Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a treatment modality that is traditionally used in Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine. It aims to promote overall good health and treat a number of different issues and conditions. Cupping can have an effective use in the  treatment and management musculoskeletal injuries.

The treatment involves the use of small cups placed on areas of the body where suction is applied by the use of a small hand held air pump. The placement of the cups can be altered per treatment to help treat and manage muscular pain, muscle tension and delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS). By locating myofascial trigger points and other areas of muscular pain and tension the cups are applied to create suction to these specific areas with the use of Static and Sliding techniques.

By drawing the blood to the surface of the specified area it helps to promote blood flow to the specified area. With an increase in blood flow the muscles can have an improved chance of healing as increased blood flow promotes increased muscle flexibility, muscle oxidation and helps in the removal of stagnant metabolic waste. Cupping can be used as a single method of treatment or can be used cooperatively with deep tissue and sports massage to help in reducing muscular tension.

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